• Are gifts to the Center tax deductible?

    A CENTER OF HOPE CPC, INC. our legal name,  dba Pregnancy Resource Center of Walton (PRCW) and Women’s Health and Wellness Clinic of Walton  (WHWCW) is a 501c(3) organization. All gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

  • Are you affiliated with any particular church or denomination?

    A Center of Hope CPC, Inc. is not affiliated with any one church or denomination; we are a non-political, non-profit, Christ-centered ministry incorporated and governed by a Board of Directors and Corporate By-Laws. PRCW/WHWCW provides services to people of all races and religions, without discrimination.

  • Where does A Center of Hope CPC’s funding come from, and how is it spent?

    PRCW/WHWCW funding is provided by donations of local churches, corporations, individuals, fundraising events, and community grants. The 2020  IRS 990 tax filing forms for  A Center of Hope CPC, Inc. can be viewed at any time at either center location to reveal how funds are distributed.  A Center of Hope CPC, Inc. may also be found on the Charity Navigator website.

  • Are your financial records reviewed by an independent auditor?

    Our financial statements and Form 990’s are reviewed by the ministry financial committee which includes a financial auditor, and then subjected to a compilation by an independent auditor in order to achieve our accreditation from the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability (ECFA).

  • Do you abide by a Statement of Faith?

    Yes, our Statement of Faith is found on our “About Us” page.

  • Do you provide money for abortions?

    While we give information about the risks of abortion and the types of abortion, PRCW/WHWCW does not give referrals to abortion clinics nor to Doctors who administer obstetrical care and also perform abortions. PRCW/WHWCW also does not provide any financial assistance to obtain abortions.

  • Do you facilitate adoptions?

    A Center of Hope CPC, Inc. does not facilitate adoptions, PRCW/WHWCW patient advocates and staff are trained in offering adoption as a loving option, and we offer the patient four very reputable Christian adoption agency referrals when she makes a plan to place her baby in adoption.

  • Do you distribute any forms of birth control?

    PRCW/WHWCW does not distribute birth control in any form and does not prescribe nor make referrals for emergency contraception.

  • Are your financial records public?

    Our 990 tax returns are available for review upon request or at GuideStar.org. This site automatically populates all 990 information furnished by the IRS.